Nolan McCausey is a world-class pianist who currently works as a music coordinator at a church in Michigan and as a private piano tutor. He graduated summa cum laude with his Bachelor’s in both Music and Theology in 2016 and will soon begin graduate music studies. He is happily married to his wife, Katie. He also has great hair, complete with a pair of muttonchops.

Colton Wesley Colton Wesley is not an alien, time traveler or esper. He graduated from Great Lakes Christian College in 2016 and is pursuing his M.A. in English from the University of Indianapolis. He is a contributor at Detroit Jock City, co-hosts The Eye Test and We Are Adults and is the author of “The Yonder Here,” a book of poems. Should you spot Colton with his head bereft of a ball cap, treasure the memory–you have been given a rare glimpse of one of nature’s wonders.