Episode 7 – The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Nolan and Colton talk about flags! After discussing principles of flag design, they start talking about the state flags of the United States and breaking down what makes most of them so terrible.

Sorry about the delay, we had some more editing problems. Hopefully everything sounds good!


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Show Notes

WATCH THIS: Roman Mars TED Talk about flags (YouTube/TED)

99% Invisible with Roman Mars

History of Uranus’ name (YouTube/CGP Grey)

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Wikipedia)

Follow along with our discussion: List of the flags of U.S. states and territories (Wikipedia)

Flag of Indianapolis (Wikipedia)

Flag of Lansing (CRW Flags)

CGP Grey and Brady Haran discuss flags on their podcast, Hello Internet. If you liked our discussion, you’ll love theirs.

Nolan’s first flag

Colton’s first flag

Nolan’s second flag

Colton’s second flag

People Make Cool Stuff: North American Vexillological Association

2001 State/Provincial Flag Survey (North American Vexillological Association)

Good Flag, Bad Flag (North American Vexillological Association)

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