Episode 5.5 – Help, I Accidentally Build A Shelf

Nolan got married this week, so Colton is joined by Warren Epps and Alexis Craig for… something. Also, the internet’s questions are answered.


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Show notes!

Episode 5 – Warren’s first appearance on the show

Report: Some patients treated for putting sunblock in their eyes during eclipse (Reddit/r/NotTheOnion)

Officials warn consumers of counterfeit tickets ahead of solar eclipse (The Onion)

70 things Millennials have killed (Mashable)

Syntactically ambiguous headlines (Prezi)

Planet Fitness offering new lights-off hour so no one can watch you work out (The Onion)

Plane evacuated after odour leaves passengers feeling nauseous – but was a flatulent flier to blame? (Telegraph)

Police slog through 40,000 insipid party pics to find cause of dorm fire (The Onion)

Hawk with snake in claws likely sparked Montana fire (Great Falls Tribune/USA Today)

Vox video of a man who makes complicated art in Microsoft Paint (YouTube/Vox)

Download Microsoft Pinball (GroovyPost)

Download Microsoft Paint (Microsoft)

Download Paint 3D (Microsoft)

Download GIMP, which is basically open-source Photoshop (GIMP)

Download Internet Explorer, I guess?

Elon Musk AI killer robots (The Verge)

Google autocomplete, including “help, I accidentally build a shelf” (List25)

The Google map (which apparently comes from Estately, not the Guardian; Colton’s mistake)

Obama is not a Muslim (YouTube/vlogbrothers)

Okapis! (Wikipedia)

Drop bears (Wikipedia)

Toledo War, when Michigan and Ohio kind of went to war, sort of (Wikipedia)

Is Joe Flacco elite? (Uproxx)

Zombie-face eating in Florida (Wikipedia)

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