Episode 5 – U*********

Nolan and Colton are joined by student and internet citizen Warren Epps to talk about the internet and its role in entertainment. They also respond to feedback and talk about technology and its potential.


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Show notes!

Our discussion of Pacific Rim in episode one

Detroit Lions-Chicago Bears rivalry (Wikipedia). Seven of the last eight, Scott.

Mitchell Trubisky, the Bears’ first-round draft pick

Episode four with Matt/Matthew Brooks


Jacksfilms made many videos about the Emoji Movie (language) (YouTube)

Internet in South Korea (Wikipedia)

Facebook AI creates its own language (Forbes)

Snopes article on Facebook AI creating its own language, what it was and was not (Snopes)

Also, Facebook AIs develop their own language to communicate with each other (The Atlantic)

Elon Musk says AI ‘poses an “existential threat” to human civilization” (NPR)

Moore’s Law (Wikipedia)

People Make Cool Stuff: Alan Becker – Start Here playlist (YouTube)

Bill Wurtz’s “history of the entire world, i guess” (YouTube) (language)

Bill Wurtz’s ‘history of japan’ (YouTube) (lanaguage)

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