Episode 4 – Magic Is A Thing

Nolan and Colton have their first listener feedback. They also continue talking about entertainment by welcoming special guest and game enthusiast Matt Brooks to talk about games, how they are good for us and how they help us tell stories.


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Show notes!

Senet (Wikipedia)

People Make Cool Stuff (Which is the official name of the segment, we looked it up):

Jon Bois’ new book, “17776: A Football Story”

Extra Credits (YouTube)

Extra Credits’ Extra History series (YouTube)


Links to all of the board games we talked about in order of appearance, all of which come recommended by at least one of us:

Space Checkers – Checkers in space, I guess?
Settlers of Catan – Race to settle an island by claiming its resources and building cities
Alhambra – Build grand structures by managing different currencies
Puerto Rico – Govern an island by shipping resources and raising buildings
Ticket To Ride – Connect cities across the country by rail to complete tickets
Agricola – Build a diverse farm while fighting for scare resources
Dead of Winter – Collaborate to survive a zombie apocalypse while watching for betrayers
The Resistance – Stop the bad guys and save the mission, or be a bad guy and sabotage it
Pandemic – Work together to save the world from widespread disease


Other games we talked about:

Dungeons and Dragons
Pokémon Go
Magic: The Gathering
StarCraft on YouTube


Finally, you can get ahold of us at all of these places:


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